Esha Deol on being trolled for viral video for Tusshar Kapoor: ‘Some think I shouldn’t sing, which I totally agree with’ | Bollywood

Esha Deol addressed the trolling she faced for her video promoting Tusshar Kapoor’s new book Bachelor Dad. She sang a modified version of their song Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa and urged everyone to give it a read. While she shared the clip on Instagram last month, it recently gained traction, with many criticising her off-key singing.

In an interview, Esha admitted that she is ‘not a good singer’ and said that she wanted to do something out-of-the-box. She added that she was ‘not trying to showcase (her) vocal talent at all’.

Speaking to India Today, Esha said, “I am so surprised that it has come out now. I shot it in December for Tusshar when the pre-orders were being taken (for his book Bachelor Dad) and people have woken up late to it. Comments are mixed. Some think that I am a great friend, which I am. Some people think I shouldn’t sing, which I totally agree with. I never said that I am a great singer. If you see my Instagram (post), I have hashtagged it, in fact, that I am not a good singer.”

Esha said that she wanted to ‘do something different’. “Otherwise, it is a usual thing that he has come out with the book. Between Tusshar and I, there always has been humour and that has gone into our friendship, which we have had for so many years. We just have kept the humour alive. And it is out there for people to see and think whatever they want as long as the book has got great pre-orders. It is something that came out straight from my heart. I am not trying to showcase my vocal talent at all, which is very obvious,” she said.

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Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa, starring Esha and Tusshar, released in 2002. They also acted together in films such as Kucch To Hai, Insan and One Two Three.

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