Marc Madiot: “The highlight of the year was once again the pandemic”

Although they were able to race in almost normal conditions, the team led by Marc Madiot had another special season marked by the Covid, but also less good results.

Last stages, final preparations, the peloton, and in particular the Groupama-FDJ formation, are working out their weapons and learning the lessons of last season, which was not easy.

MARC MADIOT The highlight of the year was once again the pandemic. We still had a period in April and May when we were hanging from a wire without knowing if we could run. We had a cancellation at the Grand Prix de l’Escaut due to positive cases. And every race has been of this ilk. In summary, it was all very stressful. A few hours before each start of the race, we never knew if we were going to be able to field the team. For us and many others it was the highlight of the season. Afterwards, as best we could, we came to the end of a year which, anyway, was less good than the previous one in terms of results.

Why ?

MARC MADIOT I think we mismanaged the 2020-2021 offseason. As much as we had done rather well during the confinement and its reduced schedule, so much there, we recovered badly. In fact, we found ourselves out of step with the events all the time. The boys were never there on D-Day, neither did the management. This time around I think we are on the right track. We were able to put in place a real break, but above all, we were able to organize a cohesion course with all the teams, which had not happened for two years. This is where you realize that these courses are vital and essential to weld runners together. There was a real need to find each other,

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