sony: Why Sony is reportedly making more units of PS4 now

Japanese tech giant Sony has started making more PS4 units than it had initially planned, as per a report by Bloomberg. The reason is that there is a PS5 unavailability in the market and the company is not able to mass-produce the next-gen console due to the global chip shortage. Sony hopes that the move will help assuage the demand for a PlayStation console and keep players within the PlayStation ecosystem.
As per the report, Sony told assembly partners that it is planning to make PS4 units throughout this year despite having planned “to discontinue assembly at the end of 2021.” In this way, Sony would be able to produce about 1 million more PS4 units to fill the supply vacuum.
This could work in the favour of the company as PS4 does not need the level of tech PS5 comes with, the players are familiar with the console, costs less and is easier to make too.
The Sony PlayStation 5 arrived in June 2020. It comes in a dual-tone design with a mix of Back and White — along with the Blue LED lights surrounding the air vents at the top. There’s the new PlayStation logo at the top left corner and front apart from that glossy finish houses 1-regular and 1 Type-C port. The next-gen console by Sony comes in two models: Standard Edition and Digital Edition. However, the brand made only the former available to Indian consumers last year.

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