Kriti Sanon says her manager was once told she should take up a small role: ‘Don’t think she can get something better’ | Bollywood

Actor Kriti Sanon has recalled an incident when she was offered a film by a ‘very big production company’ but she chose not to take it up as she didn’t ‘have a good enough part’. In a new interview, she revealed that her manager was told by a person that Kriti can’t ‘get something better’. … Read more

Kriti Sanon recalls male friend telling her ‘marriage becomes a problem’ for an actor: ‘I was just shocked’ | Bollywood

Kriti Sanon said that she was ‘shocked’ when one of her friends told her that she would have difficulty getting married if she entered the film industry. She added that marriage was never her ‘agenda’. In an interview, Kriti said that her relatives were sceptical about her decision to become an actor and expressed their … Read more